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  • Comply with GDPR and Data Privacy regulations

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Leading Information Governance Software

Deployed in large production environments since 2010, GlassIG has been designed and built to solve Information Governance challenges related to Policy Management, In-Place Lifecycle Enforcement and Defensible Disposition.

GDPR Ready

Scalable and flexible platform to support clients with their initiatives in attaining and maintaining GDPR compliance and other privacy regulations

Cloud or On-Premises, your choice

Designed for the Cloud but available as an On-premise governance platform, GlassIG is a multi-tenant application supporting large deployments.

GDPR is changing the way we all do business. Listen to GlassIG’s great insights from the GDPR:Summit London event.

For more information on the GDPR and how GlassIG can help your business prepare, download our infographic now!

GlassIG has all features for comprehensive Information Governance


Define your own inventory and accountability framework. GlassIG provides a default structure so you can immediately start


Describe each element of your Data Inventory and associate it with other resources


Specify personal data categories


Cross-reference your Content Types or Processes with your Asset Classification and related Information Lifecycle Policies.

Unify your Personal Data Inventory and customize it to your unique needs

Following the introduction of the EU – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new obligations and enhancements beyond that of the previous Data Protection legislation require a renewed focus by many organizations in order to attain and maintain compliance.

GlassIG’s Data Inventory feature is the perfect starting point for your program to attaining and maintaining compliance with GDPR. GlassIG Data Inventory acts as a living document for the definition of the Personal Data you hold and process, and the critical characteristics of that data in accordance with the needs of Article 30 the requirement to maintain a record of all processing activities under your responsibility.

Publish your Retention Policies

Organizations must comply with regulatory requirements related to the retention of corporate data. To avoid the risks of over-retention, incorrect data classification, unauthorized deletion of sensitive content, Records Managers and Information Professionals implement information governance strategies and policies.

With GlassIG Policy Management, Information Professionals can develop, publish and maintain their
corporate information policies (also known as Records Retention Schedules) independently of content repository or storage system. Policies are structured into a hierarchy of functional domains and include the retention rules specifying how long content must be retained within the organization.


Single-tree view to structure the Policies


Advanced Information Lifecycle Rules


Share Policies throughout your organization

Create a unified catalog of all your information assets

Most companies store information on multiple systems, including Cloud-Based Repositories, SharePoint and Shared Drives. Wherever you store your information, GlassIG provides the best technology to govern your information assets by enforcing the information policies.

GlassIG’s Unified Catalog feature place the information assets under governance either by using our built-in information crawlers (GlassIG Catalogers) or by using complementary File Analysis and eDiscovery solutions delivered by third-party partners. GlassIG makes it easy to define and implement automated cataloging processes without impacting end users.

Once content properly cataloged, business users can more easily search and retrieve the information they need.

Active Policies

Most companies have developed a comprehensive Corporate Retention Schedules but have a hard time to enforce it in all their content repositories (Cloud-Based, SharePoint and Shared Drives). Wherever you store your information, GlassIG provides the best technology to govern your information and apply Information Policies.

Through GlassIG Lifecycle Management, GlassIG helps your company automate the movement of files and the deletion of content from a defensible manner over time.


Plan the Lifecycle Actions and Anticipate Disposition processes


Approve Lifecycle Executions

Manage Legal Case and apply Hold in-place

The lifecycle of your information assets might be interrupted or suspended due to potential litigation, audit or other compliance activity. GlassIG ensures these documents and records are protected from accidental deletion or spoliation regardless of where they are stored.

By helping companies proactively catalog their information assets, GlassIG Legal Case and Hold will enable and accelerate future eDiscovery investigations and prevent any data disposal until all legal holds are properly lifted. With GlassIG, you can apply multiple Holds on the same file.

Get insights from your Corporate Information Governance program

GlassIG includes the industry’s first analytic tool for Information Economics (also known as Infonomics). The solution includes a set of advanced metrics that help Information Governance Professionals drive their business forward with timely and actionable visibility into Compliance, Cost, and Information Asset Value.

The solution includes a set of advanced metrics that help Information Professionals drive their business forward with improved visibility on Costs, Risk and Value associated to their Information Assets.

GlassIG’s Analytics and Insights feature leverage a variety of charts, tabular views and Risk-Costs-Value indicators to help key stakeholders make better decisions. Users can easily explore past and present data or forecast content growth from a compelling and visual manner.


Preservation Copy Analysis


Personally Identifiable Information


Current Data Statistics

Deep integration with market-leading data repositories

We are working hard to make you successful

Our mission is to serve and inspire our customers and we are dedicated to their success in deploying the best Information Governance solution.

We are honored to work with all size companies in different industries.

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