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Audit Trails and Defensible Disposition

Audit Trails are key for Defensible Disposition. In order to delete a content from a defensible manner a company has to ensure to keep the proper evidence proving that:

  • A given document existed one day in the past
  • When the document was disposed of
  • Why it was deleted (aka according to which exact version of an information policy)
  • By whom or by which automated process it was deleted

It is then critical to put in place an Information Governance system able to generate all these evidence and manage them as records.


Define actions to Audit


Use defensible disposition dashboards to respond to When / Why / By Whom the document has been deleted

Compliance with ISO 14641-1 Audit Journals

The ISO 14641-1 standard describes how to chain each generated Audit Journal together through the usage of digital fingerprints to ensure the integrity and non-spoliation of documents over time. This mechanism ensures the exhaustivity of a given document’s audit trails from capture till disposition.

Audit Journals can be optionally time-stamped and signed by using the services of a third party Digital Signature company.

Beyond ISO 14641-1 : BlockChain powered Audit Journals

Next generation of compliance and defensible disposition systems will rely on the new blockchain technology. It will let organizations avoid using any third-party certificate to sign and time stamped audit journals: the blockchain will provide these warranties it by default.

On a longer horizon, all audit logs related to a given information asset, from creation till disposition, independently of the application which managed or is currently managing it, will have to be federated into a single blockchain. This approach will ensure that all accesses and other operations impacting a document, even if the latter moves from one system to another across it lifespan, will be properly chained together to provide a trusted view of all actions performed from Day 1.

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